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09 january 2017, 23:04

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Jul 30 2015 | the Internet | 26 comments. A press release is a news or information from your company for placement in the press. This is a great tool for free advertising new companies and products. Many have heard about press releases but few take advantage of this opportunity. In order to publish your press release don't need to be a large company and this can often be done for free. In principle, if you have written a press release that you can try your luck and send it to the media of your subject matter and it is likely that it will be published. But to save you time I will list the sites where you can post your press releases. Then, depending on the quality of your press release it can take a number of other news outlets. For the doubters in their abilities Playground which I will mention are likely to publish your press release but then he might not leave. Sometimes in the text of the press release you can insert links to your website so we get a lot of free links especially if the information is interesting, and odds on the Internet. In addition, the press release devoted entirely to your company or product in contrast to the purchase links are often inserted into the text so that you do not have to it relations have no effect to advance. The press release should have a specific format. Advertising and frankly boring text no one will want to publish. Yourself must know that the media are more interested in sensational and interesting information. Therefore, for a press release should be a good reason and a simple description of the company and its services do not fit so that will have to be creative. Best companies that release a new product on the market. It is desirable that the press release contained fresh and interesting information covered or addressed the issues relevant today contained or referred to the opinion of famous personalities or companies. The main part of the press release is the headline and first paragraph. Their content will affect the decision of the editor to read on your text or send to the trash. But when you publish they will affect the decision of the reader to read further Remember as you read the news by browsing the headlines. Will share the trick which is called 5W Who What When Where and Why. About her I long time ago said the editor of the journal in which I wrote articles. This chip is well suited for writing a press release. The point is that in the first paragraph you should briefly write for whom this text is target audience what is the text about the product event service when the event occurred where the company or place and why it's worth the read. Then just paint details. The title should be written in past or future time and deployed

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