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The University of Alabama Susan Thompson The University of Alabama Publishing house William Moscow Saint-Petersburg Kiev 2004 B B To C60.56 Б87 UDC 316.776.33 Publishing house Williams Head. the editorship of N. M. Makarova Translated from English V. V. Kuleba and J. A. Lebedenko Under the editorship of Cand. the course of studies. Sciences E. V. Krainykovo For General questions, please contact the Publishing house William at Bryant, Jennings, Susan Thompson. Б87 Basis of media exposure. Per. from English. M. Publishing house William 2004. 432 p. Il. Paral. Titus. eng. ISBN 5-8459-0597-4 Rus. The book highlights the influence exerted by the media on viewers and listeners. The authors give a brief historical overview of the subject analyses the phenomenon of mass media influence on the mass audience and research of this phenomenon. In addition the reader is presented with various concepts in particular social-cognitive theory the effect of the priming hypothesis of the cultivation of the diffusion of innovations, etc. to explain the phenomenon of medialocate with numerous examples of the impact of news scenes of violence, sexually explicit scenes, entertaining programs, etc. Its main goal is to increase media literacy of the consumer media that will allow him to control and to minimize the negative effects of mass media. ББКС60.56 All the software titles are registered trademarks of the respective companies. No part of this publication for any purpose may be reproduced in any form or by any means b y e s something electronic or mechanical including Photocopying and recording on magnetic media unless there is written permission from the publisher McGraw-Hill Companies Inc. Authorized translation from English language edition published by McGraw-Hill Companies Inc. Copyright © 2002. Published by McGraw-Hill in imprint of The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc. A l l rights reserved no part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means or stored in a data base or retrieval system without the prior written consent of The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc. including but not limited to in any network or other electronic storage or transmission or broadcast for distance learning. Russian language edition published by Williams Publishing House according to the Agreement with RampI Enterprises International Copyright © 2004. ISBN 5-8459-0597-4 Rus. © Publishing house William 2004 ISBN 0-0724-3576-3 eng. © McGraw-Hill Companies 2002 Table of contents Preface 16Часть 1. The history of the exploration of the phenomenon of medialocate 19 Chapter 1. The phenomenon of medialocate 21 Chapter 2. The impact of the media historical overview 39 Chapter 3. The history of scientific research medialocate 53 Part II. Theory and basic concepts 83 Chapter 4. Social-cognitive theory 85 Chapter 5. The effect of priming 105 Chapter 6. The hypothesis of cultivation 119 Chapter 7. Diffusion of innovations 133 Chapter 8. The theory of use and satisfaction 147 Chapter 9. Prioritizing Novostei

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