To hold press conferences and press tours to Cover events to Tell about to companiesmust advertising

09 january 2017, 23:13

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To hold press conferences and press tours to Cover events to Tell about to companiesmust advertising in the media to Fill and maintain websites to Release corporate media Friends Professional management of advertising in mass media allows to achieve maximum effect from your ads by optimizing costs and selecting the most effective channels. SP Media specialists ready to create an optimal media plan the placement of your advertising with all the necessary parameters. In addition we undertake all the work on interaction with mass media control layout compliance is important to you the specifics of the publication place the amount of the chromaticity of the presence of corporate symbols, etc. If the campaign includes publications in a number of media that you don't have to sign some contracts, acts, invoices and other documents so you significantly reduce your organisational and time costs. We have significant experience of working with the media The cost of our services on budget management of advertising media is calculated as a percentage of the total amount of material posted. Portfolio

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