The presence and the correct positioning on social networks of goods and services

11 january 2017, 00:45

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The presence and the correct positioning on social networks of goods and services essential to the market today More than 78% of all Internet users have accounts in social networks and providethem an average of 2 hours every day Much of the discussion of products and services is social networks In the total volume of traffic, the share of social networks in the first half 2015 72% to view web pages and the search had only 28%. To gain an audience of 50 million, chelovekami it took 38 years, television 13.Facebook has got 200 million users less than a year Increasingly, people use social media not for the sake of communication and in order to find the desired tomarily service Monitoring and collecting of references and feedback maintaining the image of the product transfer the negative to the positive sowing of positive content highlighting the advantages of the product Support your event and # hashtag in social networks in any city Russia Sources the tone of the posts the age and gender of the authors of the country and the number of posts of all time positivenegative Attracting the attention of the CAC, the product or service Sales growth for setpalette new customers Encouraging repeat sales Feedback Support the reputation of the goods and services Increase customer loyalty Providing for your support site traffic from social networks Conducting market research competitions and promotions this set of services for marketers and PR professionals aimed control of the company's reputation on the Internet as well as help with social networks and online media An example of viral video The whole package over 12500₽ Hooray Congratulations Call or email us we have gift for those who reached the finish line Contact us at 8-920-253-59-57 Postsovet © 2015-2016 After receiving your application we will send you our work on e-mail in PDF format

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