Social Media Marketing (SMM) promotion in social networks

11 january 2017, 00:44

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Social networking is an effective tool for promoting Your goods and services. Properly structured interaction with customers in social networks will allow First you have to choose the network you will be promoting and make there accounts. If it's VK or Facebook, be sure to checkout the community to plan the posts to determine the criteria for audience gender age marital status interests and so on.. the Promotion in Instagram requires preparation of live content. After dropping out of the target audience, you can begin to attract. This can be used by various tools invitations personal message of paid posts in other groups, contextual or banner advertising competitions and much more. Our Studio can offer 30 different way to attract audience to customers. Depending on the scope of the company use different price and efficiency tools. Great attention should be paid to content. If the business group user can find interesting information that is constantly updated with the activity of the group is at a good level. An important role is also played by the instruments for the winding of some parameters of the invites invitations, likes, reposts and others. Not having this functionality to achieve the desired result will be long. If we have doubts about the advisability of moving the client's business on social networks we will offer something different. If, however, no doubt you can achieve the result of the plan. For example, here's a standard set of works on the promotion of the group Vkontakte The cost of this work 10 000 rubles per month. In addition to the advertising depending on the client's goals will need to spend 5 to 15 thousand. Sometimes more is not needed. 80 % of customers these costs are recouped in the first 2 months 40 % of customers subsequently reallocate your advertising budget in favor of social networking. No, not immediately. Usually to make a conclusion about the appropriateness of this source of advertising to be 2-3 months. Most will not call and write. And we must answer quickly and correctly. It is necessary to organize dialogue with the users of the network. Vkontakte encouraged informal communication in Facebook, you should not answer on behalf of the company and on behalf of a specific employee to Instagram to unsubscribe number and ask to call. We will talk about the psychology of the behavior of users of different networks to develop scripted interactions. Often the right Internet marketing is when visitors from the group go to the website and from the website to the group. If there is no site better to create it. Of course, it all depends

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