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SMM in Russia The growth of the Russian market of SMM services today compared to last year To date there is no unambiguous assessment of the SMM market so you can only talk about subjective feelings. According to subjective feelings the market has at least doubled and SMM covers all new segments such as small business. What is the purpose today of the Russian company when you decide to promote yourself in the social network are these goals from those that was like a year ago There are several basic sales branding combating negative customer support. In the last year more and more actual becomes the last task. Also a separate layer of work is often aimed at neutralizing the negative. Progress in any social network today most effective for the Russian advertisers Two main focus from the point of view of efficiency of promotion is Facebook, and In Contact. How much is the average package of the Russian SMM Agency What it is The average cost of a pack will vary greatly between agencies. Greenpr average check $12 000 this includes the creation of the promotion and support of communities in various social networks and also work with opinion leaders. Now the social network is actively comes to small business so especially for him we have developed a democratic proposal abbreviated and to address specifically their needs. The cost of these packages of $1 500. SMM in practice How profitable promotion in social networks Always receive from company SMM what he wanted As elsewhere in social media it all depends on the professionalism of the contractor and also from the right tasks. If the project is done by professionals and correctly formulated problem it is almost always the campaign will be successful. Comparable whether the return from SMM with other advertising channels such as SEO If you compare SMM and SEO that each instrument has its own specifics. SEO is focused on generating traffic and rapid but most often a one-time sales. SMM is more a tool for building permanent relationships with the client, formation of secondary sales. In each case, is more suitable for a particular tool, however, more effective integrated approach. On what criteria should rely on when evaluating the success of SMM campaigns There are several key metrics audience coverage number of publications activity audience quantity and quality of traffic the number of sales and other desired actions. What difficulties can arise when evaluating the effectiveness of SMM-promotion The main difficulties can be caused by the difficulty of tracking the source of sales. What tools does your company use to assess We use several

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