PR budget: Review services for newsletters and press releases

09 january 2017, 23:04

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Director General of PR-Agency Prostor PR amp Consulting Roman Maslennikov informed tell the CPU about the books the movies and TV shows which in his opinion is to study each PR wrote a new column about services to help organizations and projects with a small advertising budget to tell the world about yourself without the services of PR agencies. According to the text, I risk killing a good half if not more applications in the PR-Agency from the leadership which potential customers want PR in the Internet and of course increase sales. The latter is not a direct competence of PR. However in my experience if the customer is an entrepreneur then it is often not so much is needed is Public Relations how much do to try, what kind of a tool PR. Money for to taste a little bit of PR tend to have small and medium businesses had no business with PR or startups a bit. Well fifty dollars plus or minus a thousand dollars at best. However, PR agencies undertake to work for less than 50 thousand rubles, by definition, can't give any effective PR tools. As they say in such cases, PR-technologists the money it is better to burn for PR. Publications and there will be more. What to do if the budget is small but try to PR on the taste of hunting The first advice is not to contact the PR Agency and let them find the customers who are in your choice digested pumped and know exactly why and when you need PR. The second and main to try to trust the PR applying PR services. But enough of the lyrics. To the point. Was previously extremely fashionable press release-publishers in the people called by the release distributors it is clear from the words. They loved the lazy Russian PR if you are still lazy forget about all the release distributors in addition to these openmarket.EN and as well as PR in English-speaking and German-speaking countries. Probably Chinese too. You can read review Mashable on this theme. Now they not only don't work but not trendy. Releases have to be sent if already written although the press release is no longer Golden bullet PR. Main the senders of releases in Runet are 1. good service a large range of options newsletters the fastest report two or three days and direct contact with the organizer of this whole affair. Discounts do not but can to send the announcement just by the media without publishing the release on the website. This is when very urgently need someone somewhere to call. By the way if you do not care who to call for a press conference roughly burn all is lost and we need at least some kind of extras would recommend forsmi.EN. But I warn you at the entrance of the hard face-control in order not to let freeloaders with false journalistic

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