Posting articles. What, how and why?

09 january 2017, 23:03

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Sending once a day if there is new material. No spam Enter your email and click SUBSCRIBE Do You know the exact name of your tariff plan Yes No Posting articles is one way of website promotion. If You order to post articles with a link to the website You get several bonuses Placement of promotional articles a necessary step in the promotion of website in search engines and site promotion on the Internet. The cost of placing the articles varies from 100 to 100,000 rubles. In fact, the limit of cost not all depends on the resource quality of services provided and the audacity of the publisher or intermediary. Before You start to buy links in the articles you should decide what resources are worth buying platform. Selection criteria Of course that posting articles for free You'll be able to carry out only not very qualitative zusammenh sites. Because for free will always be a fan. So the right choice will be a paid placement of articles. Well, if You are willing to spend money on your site and promote it for You no need. The first step is to consider all exchanges posting articles. Miralinks link, Miralinks. Pros a lot of sites only articles the opportunity to submit their articles. Cons payment for accommodation and not for indexing. GoGetLinks link GGL. Pros cheap quick pad placement. Cons Your link can appear in non-thematic material. Webartex link Webartex. Pros opportunity to place your articles low prices. Cons of installing the exchange of their prices. PR.Sape link Eternal links Sape. Pros low price. Cons little high-quality sites due to the pricing policy are rarely checked donor on filters. Press release is the placement of articles providing information about the firm. For example it could be a news company and information and analytical article with an indication of the firms performing services or selling the goods referred to in the article. The basis of a press release from the optimizer is a mention of the firm in a good way. This is especially important for reputation management on the Internet. Placement of press releases it is possible on the grounds of Miralinks and Webartex if You upload your articles and press releases. Thanks for the interesting article. Link building still exists Yes, of course. Your e-mail will not be published. Required fields are marked Your name Your E-mail © 2014-2016 NO-MOBILE.RU site Map All rights reserved. When using materials site is required to specify the active hyperlink to

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