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09 january 2017, 23:04

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An important part of PR-campaign is to send articles in the media to promote a website or brand. This procedure allows to bring to the company interest to a wide audience in a short period of time. First we need to understand that the article and press release have significant differences. Press release is always based on the information about and carries a specific purpose of informing the invitation, announcement, etc. while most of the article is neutral and primarily offers useful information to the reader. The information about the product or brand is referred to implicitly and unobtrusively. Note that the placement of articles on the Internet a fairly simple process. Once the article is ready, you must display the greatest possible range of readers. And you can always be guided to its target audience of CA. And to get the maximum effect from placing articles you need to choose the Top platforms. There are many sites which allow you to place an article in media free. However, this method will be ineffective in terms of PR. However, you can achieve great results if you place the article in a paid and free basis. The benefits of advertising articles on the Internet Quality articles and sites that provide great PR Everlasting links on the website useful for search engine optimization Publication on thematic portals engage the target audience, Increase loyalty to the company or brand Additional element of marketing Our experts carefully study the content subject and the target resource. Because of this we only select the effective sites. Posting articles is a sequential process which involved experts in the field of PR and SEO. Prof services-PR provides services at the ezine articles in online media. CONTACTS Prof-PR - placement of press releases and news ©

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