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11 january 2017, 00:43

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11 Jun 2014 Author Vitaly Vitvitsky | Category Profession Why social media managers now such a large demand and they are willing to pay high salaries To the duties of a Manager on social networks, what skills he must possess And how to become a real professional in the field of SMM, despite the fact that no educational institutions this specialty is not taught so this time let's talk about the profession SMM-Manager. Someone may ask why the sudden hype around the profession Why in recent times it has become so much attention to the experts on the promotion in social networks High demand for SMM-managers is not an accident. On the one hand, active development of social networks that just a few years has firmly entrenched in our lives and have provided unprecedented opportunities to enter the huge audience of Internet users. Thanks to the social networks of the company entrepreneurs state institutions, celebrities and experts have unique opportunities in terms of advertising and PR. On the other hand, the ongoing crisis is forcing businesses to look for new ways of promotion which would allow to obtain good results at minimum cost. That is the task in many situations and able to solve successfully the work of the Manager on the social networks. SMM-Manager is a specialist responsible for brand promotion in social networks Social Media Marketing. Under the brand name in this case can podnimaetsa company product service brand or a public person, a celebrity, a politician expert. Social networking involves the formation of a loyal audience around the brand Association in her community providing the community subscribers interesting and even exclusive information itself promotion advertising PR job with the image and reputation fight negative feedback answers to questions or technical support, etc. The word Manager implies that the employee is not just a performer and manages a specific process on the site which is responsible. Accordingly, SMM-Manager, in contrast to SMM-specialist, or administrator of social networks is a professional a higher level with more responsibilities and more serious set of skills. Responsibilities SMM Manager can vary greatly depending on the scope of business and assigned tasks. Usually in large companies, SMM Manager organizes and controls the work of other specialists, content Manager, community Manager, web programmer etc. In small firms, on the contrary social media Manager will have to be a universal specialist combining the duties of these employees because the employer is unlikely to want to maintain a social media Department. If you look at the functionality that the employers

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