How to make money in social networks?

09 january 2017, 23:12

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Detailed instructions on how to earn in social networks via your personal page. Those who are thinking about how to capitalize on social networks by far have accounts on Twitter Instagram Twitter or other which today there is a great variety. Following the simple tips you can make your online source of income. Today in the Internet there are a large number of social networking however, not all of them are widely distributed. But there is such a network which sits practically every citizen of Russia and even foreign countries. And those people who know how to make could not use this feature. Was created various exchanges in which the owners of pages in popular social networks are given tasks to perform for a fee You can earn in many different ways however, the placing of likes and reposts are paid less than the purchase account. To create it you need to spend time and effort but the result lives up to expectations and spent more resources on this. In order to start making money using the social networks Vkontakte and Instagram need to choose one exchange earnings and register on it. You can also register at two or three then the earnings will be significantly higher. Exchange earnings mainly for the owners of the account in social network Vkontakte. Assignments are given to the placing of likes and display posts. The price for each job varies from 2 to 15 rubles. Increasing the rating to take a more expensive job. Inviting system users to get 30% of their income. Suitable for earnings on almost all social networks. The minimum amount for withdrawal 50 rubles. Jobs the site is very much we just need time to refresh the page and choose the one you like. For Instagram the actual job only for entering likes. You can earn per day 300 to 400 rubles for a large number of jobs. Linked to Facebook and to Instagram. On the stock exchange has its own internal currency of likes. Inviting people you can get a bonus of 100 likes. In General, the month when performing a day at least 20 -25 jobs you can earn about 6-7 thousand rubles. The essence of the Internet experience for users of Twitter is to help customers to wrap indicators for tweets and reposts retitem. Sometimes you have to write comments and add favorites. Two main platforms for earnings on Twitter are very common and reliable Gives its performers job writing posts and posting information issued most often, advertising. Because the website was more

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