Gold in networks or SMM for small business. 1: Prehistory

11 january 2017, 00:45

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There is a perception that the smm as a tool of business promotion is more designed for brands corporations, large enterprises, government agencies and events. This judgment is rather controversial, however, to give a definite answer it is necessary to investigate this question. The result of research based on the practical experience of the author, is a series of articles Gold in networks or SMM for small business. It is well known that small business has limited resources therefore the practical value of this study means achieving relatively quick results achieved in the implementation of the methods and conclusions are described below. Any research requires a specific structure allowing the reader to get an idea about its content and ease navigation. Each item contained in the structure of the study is a separate article considers in detail the issues of the question posed. The contents of the research results are combined in a series of articles under the title Gold in networks or SMM for small business is designed for entrepreneurs superficially familiar with the issues of Internet advertising, however, seeking to ensure the ongoing development of their business. The abbreviation for SMM entrepreneurs superficially familiar with social media marketing largely been associated with another acronym - MMM. It is understandable the name of the company created in the 90-ies of XX century it is known today. Moreover, the business model of the company MMM suggested including the development due to the fairly strong social ties available to investors.By the way SMM involves certain actions of experts in different societies evolving through technological solutions has to be the place in the Internet. Typically, these solutions are specially created sites or applications with functionality by which users can interact. Type of these interactions of communication may differ depending on the functional solutions has to be the place on the website or app. For example, using a single resource, users can share short messages with a second to rate the pictures. The third resource can aggregate the functions of the two resources complement the functionality of its developments and thereby become a full-fledged social network. Over the years, resources allowing users to make interaction evolved and are complex from both a technical and social point of view solutions. Part of the resources has positioned itself exclusively as apps with browser

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