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09 january 2017, 23:08

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Departed 2016 was extremely difficult for Ukraine and brought a lot of frustration both in politics and in... Special services Latvia NATO tanks holding photograph of a spy who allegedly acted in... President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on 9 January signed a decree on visa-free entry into the country for a period of not... The first channel is considering several candidates to participate in the Eurovision song contest from Russia... The news that 33-year-old Sergei Lazarev is the son shocked his fans. Two and a half years... Latvia is in third place in Europe in the number of suicides in the top ten worldwide... From 1 February, our newspaper will hold a re-branding or simply change the name. The news Today will be... According to the News TODAY guide LHF Latvian ice hockey Federation entered into negotiations with... The beginning of the year for the Russian currency develops suddenly successfully. Over the holidays, the dollar became cheaper... China became the third country in the world that has conducted a successful test flight to the hydrogen... The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko decided not to attend the traditional Ukrainian lunch in Davos, Switzerland that in the framework of the world economic forum organizes Fund businessman Viktor Pinchuk. On Thursday 5 January, reports the Left Bank. According to the publication the decision of the head of state received after the publication in the newspaper the Wall Street Journal article Pinchuk with proposals for resolving the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The President will have his programme in Davos, Pinchuk however, after the article he just will not go causes the Left Bank of the words of the source in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine. At the end of December 2016, the number of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine criticized article by Pinchuk in the newspaper the Wall Street Journal where he calls for painful compromises for peace with Russia on the basis of current realities. One of these steps, the businessman called the recognition of local elections in the Donbass. Commenting on article MP Igor Mosiychuk said that the oligarch Victor Pinchuk offers to capitulate to Russia to accept the occupation of Crimea and to hold elections in DND and LNR and offered to remove his father-in-law Leonid Kuchma of participation in the peace talks. Another MP Igor Lutsenko called Pinchuk enemy which wants to see Ukraine a colony of Moscow. Pinchuk annually during the world economic forum in Davos Ukrainian lunch is conducting in the course of which outlines trends in Ukraine. This year's world economic forum will take place on 17-20 January. is not responsible for posted comments on the site readers. encourage readers to write reviews without being rude and in compliance with the rules of politeness. The portal reserves the right to block

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