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11 january 2017, 00:43

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Today I want to present my top ten books that in my opinion should read Msic. I don't claim to be an expert opinion in this area in the end, I'm not a literary critic but it's one of those books one way or another helped me in the development of SMM. And so it started. Books located in the free order is not a ranking, and the like is just a list of books about SMM. 1. Jeff Jarvis What would Google This book is about the new reality of the Internet age. The world is changing radically and forever. Management Commerce news business press manufacturing marketing industry services investment activities corporate governance policy-even education and religion are transformed under the influence of Internet technologies. The best way to understand this new often throws into confusion the world is to look at it through the eyes of the company who understood how to exploit the Internet to achieve success. Here is a Google. But could be any company that sees the world in new ways and finds new business opportunities. 2. Mike Dulworth Social network. The user manual Ability to establish contacts to build support and develop business and personal communications today is a vital skill for any active person. An effective network of social contacts that make us known to help successfully solve complex problems in life to make a career and even improve your health and enhance your quality of life. This book will teach you to consciously and systematically build a social network to succeed in work and in personal life. After reading this book you will learn how to use a systematic approach for creating and extending networks of your contacts personal professional and virtual how to develop your skills expand social contacts and relationships even if you're completely introverted, reclusive and do not like to communicate with others what special tools and equipment you need for the successful development of social networks of each type. 3. Larry Weber Effective marketing on the Internet. Social network blogs, Twitter and other tools to promote the Network What is the book That world wide Web have already incorporated all the traditional marketing channels and the TV and radio and direct mail that irresistibly changes the essence of marketing is gradually turning it into a amount of dialogues with consumers. What distinguishes the new from the traditional marketing What is the objective of marketing on the Internet and what the Internet has to offer a marketer How to give clients a sincere interest in your product What your customer wants from your company Network How to create a community of consumers what it is they and why would you How to make the information in the Network

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