Advertising in social networks

09 january 2017, 23:14

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While working for clients of the Agency MON-sun from 08.00-23.00 from 19.00 the duty Manager Wide regional coverage 17 branches in the CIS Our company provides the following services: Create and maintain branding community networking We do The need for socialization is fundamental for each person. Group communication are based on common interests, beliefs and preferences. Before the Internet, the development of such groups is constrained geographical factor but now our physical location is almost irrelevant. When the community exists only virtually, the number of its members may increase almost indefinitely as the participants reside in different parts of the world. The online community appeared at the dawn of the global network development. Since then, their form was repeatedly changed. At first it was onigbogi chats and forums they were replaced by blogs. Then came the hour for social networking Today these social networks are leaders in the communities. Internet forums continue to exist however do not use former popularity. For advertisers social networks provide unique opportunities for direct contact with consumers. Every day millions of users are having conversations about companies, their products and services by sharing your opinions and experiences. The result is an individual member of the network community can spoil or Vice versa the reputation of the company with multimillion turnover. The volume of advertising market in social networks is growing steadily. In 2007, according to market research company eMarketer, he reached in 1225 billion. When the report of the experts eMarketer takes into account all types of ads posted on social media networks, including contextual and video ads as well as the cost of marketing projects in which marketers create profiles for their products and brands in social networks. Additionally, the first projections include the cost of creating widgets and applications. Currently, the greatest interest in social networks show the company of such sectors as consumer products manufacturers of alcoholic beverages manufacturers company in entertainment industry. Consumer brands, until recently, did not conduct an aggressive advertising policy in the Internet however, since 2009 many of them have planned budgets for social media marketing. Growth of advertising in social networks leads to a tug-of-budgets. So popular site for hosting advertising search network web sites of major Newspapers and magazines, online media are now forced to cut advertising budgets or to adjust to modern realities optimizing their sites for social media

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