Advertising in print media: how to make it work

09 january 2017, 23:11

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In this article you will read Advertising in print media enables manufacturers to appeal to a specific audience of consumers of mass media publications to attract the attention of hundreds of thousands and even millions of readers. But the expectations and the real benefit from advertising in the print media do not always coincide. That can make the head of the commercial Department so that the result met the expectations to Perform three important tasks. First understand the basic laws of selling layout. The second is for the development of advertising to find a professional staff designer, or more specialized Agency. Third to check the result of the project. Consider the possibilities of print advertising and find out that in the development of advertising policy in General and specific solutions to the layout in particular should pay special attention. The answer to the question how to promote the product in most cases is determined by the need to proceed from a strictly limited budget. The best result can bring the tandem media Federal mass-circulation Komsomolskaya Pravda, AIF and television commercials thanks to the synergy effect. But in this case it will be tens of millions of dollars. Such budgets very few people under force. For more specific products you need to choose the advertising platform individually, taking into account the preferences of the potential buyers to read something or other print media. Narrowing the choice to a few publications can begin to determine the specific location of your ad in the media and the creation of the layout. Ads can be either vertical or horizontal however, their efficiency is about the same. The proportion of readers pay attention to the different types of advertising one square, virtually unchanged. But the size of the layout is really important. Typically the layouts which occupies a whole page in the journal and less than half in the tabloid newspaper used for advertisement branding to increase brand recognition. Or, in the case where the value of the advertised product very high cars expensive real estate exclusive jewelry. Magazine ads less than 14 A4 a quarter of the usual printed sheet to promote the product category but not the brand itself. Special attention deserves the question of the place on the page of the publication for ads. The best position for advertising in the print media odd-numbered page, preferably the upper part. For a long time it was believed that the visibility of a particular advertising ads depends on next to the publication and advertisers have tried to place your modules next to the articles which touched directly or indirectly in contact with the advertised product or service. However, as

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